Welcome to the St. Cecilia Catholic School Library!

The Library mission is to support the Catholic formation and education of our students by fostering information literacy, inspiring inquisitive minds, and promoting sacred and societal virtues, such as diligence and empathy.

The St. Cecilia Library program works in conjunction with the curriculum of each particular grade level to reinforce concepts that are taught in the classroom. Each week when the students visit the library, we will strive to help them find “just right” books (books that are neither too difficult nor too easy for them to read) and they will participate in a library lesson relating to literacy, digital citizenship, research skills, and other relevant topics.

The information below will be updated weekly during the school year:

  • Our quote of the week serves to uplift the students’ spirit and cultivate wisdom. These quotes come from children’s literature, famous figures, and Biblical passages.
  • The vocabulary word of the week is pulled from junior fiction texts, such as the Harry Potter series, Lemony Snicket series, Charlotte’s Web, and many more.
  • The high frequency words of the week are chosen in conjunction with the PreK and Kindergarten teachers to provide our youngest students an opportunity to encounter words they are learning in a different context.
  • Online Exclusive! Each week the Learning Commons Literacy Corner will be updated with a fun literary fact.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or are interested in volunteering in the library, please feel free to email Jennie Russell, Library Manager, at