Tuition & Fees


2024 - 2025 School Year Tuition Schedule
Non-Parishioner Tuition RateAnnual
Per Child$14,410**
Active Parishioner Tuition Rate*Annual
1 Child$10,900**
2 Children$21,040**
3 Children$30,640**
4 Children$39,690**
5 Children$48,190**

2024 – 2025 Tuition and Fee Schedule One Page Download

* As approved by the Pastor. Requests are required to be made on an annual basis, and the form is due no later than March 31, 2024 for currently enrolled families, and May 1, 2024 for new incoming families. Please click here for the online form to request the Active Parishioner Tuition Rate Discount.

** Please note, there are discounts for paying on a semester (1%), or annual (2%) basis. With the move to FACTS online tuition payment system, those numbers, as well as the monthly tuition payment option numbers will be calculated for each family during the enrollment / re-enrollment process, and you will have the option to choose which payment plan best suits your needs.

Per the Enrollment Contract in the school’s FACTS Enrollment Packet all tuition and fees – including tuition deposit, any tuition amount paid, enrollment fees, new student fees, educational programming fees, are non-refundable, and non-transferable. Please refer to the Enrollment Contract in FACTS Enrollment Packet for full details.


Application and Testing Fees
One Time Application Fee$200 Per Family
Testing Fee (PK3-8th)$100 Per Student

Application fees are non-refundable.

Enrollment Fees
Returning Student Enrollment Fee$175 Per Child
New Student Enrollment Fee$175 Per Child
New Family Facility Fee (PK3 - 5th Grade)$300 Per Family
New Family Facility Fee
(6th - 8th Grade)
$500 Per Family

Enrollment fees are due at time of enrollment, or re-enrollment of current students.

Educational Programming Fees
Technology Fee (PK3 - 1st Grade)$180 Per Child
Technology Fee (2nd Grade - 8th Grade)$380 Per Child
School Supplies Fee (PK3 - 5th Grade)$120 Per Child
School Supplies Fee (6th Grade - 8th Grade)$140 Per Child

School Supplies Fees are billed July 1, 2024 through FACTS, Technology Fees are billed August 1, 2024 through FACTS.

Note:  Additional Fees are collected for participation in each sports team and the 8th grade play, as well as an 8th grade activity fee.

Bridges Fees