Welcoming Sundays

As part of the St. Cecilia Faith in Action Committee and in conjunction with the Hospitality Ministry at the Parish, Fr. Francis has asked St. Cecilia to continue to host Masses on Welcoming Sundays.

The first weekend of every month is Welcoming Sunday.  It is a time for St. Cecilia students to act as greeters for the masses that weekend.  Greeters are needed for the 5pm Saturday mass and the 9am and 11am Sunday masses.  Students no longer need to wear their uniforms to be greeters.  Additionally, we are asking for the whole family to participate as greeters.  Please sign up and then arrive 15 minutes before mass.  Stand at one of the entrances and greet parishioners with a smile and a friendly “Good morning/good evening/hello, welcome to Saint Cecilia’s”.  We then would like the students to say “Goodbye, thank you for coming to Saint Cecilia’s” as the parishioners are leaving the church.  This is such a nice way for the school and the church to come together as one for the community.

We will also need 2 parent coordinators for each of the masses to help with positioning the students and their families at the entrances and exits and with keeping a list of which students attended mass and assisted.  There will be a sign up genius for each month.

Thank you for your support, and many blessings to you