Developing the potential of each student at St. Cecilia Catholic School means providing for a well-rounded, cultural education. We believe that appreciation, understanding and experience in fine arts is an essential aspect of educating the whole child. The school’s Art program offers the following:

Art (Elementary)

  • Implement the elements of art/ principles of design
  • Imagination and artistic expression
  • Art history
  • Artist recognition
  • Achieve necessary TEKS standards by grade
  • Produce: drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, mixed media, fiber, incorporating technology

Art (Middle School)

  • Engage students in active learning through visual arts to improve cognitive functioning, increase critical thinking, and problem solving.
  • 4 basic foundations of art:
    • Observation and perception
    • Creative expression
    • Historical and cultural significance
    • Critical evaluation
  • Art HIstory and Techniques of artists
  • Choice based art
  • Achieve the TEKs standard for grade levels