Guidance and Student Support

The St. Cecilia guidance program complements the overall school mission and acts as a source of help for students, teachers, and parents. St. Cecilia offers classroom guidance, small group mediation and individual counseling as part of their program. The program’s goals include supporting students as they grow and mature, counseling on personal and social development, maintaining a resource library for parents, students, and teachers, and providing referral services. The guidance program incorporates the moral teachings of the Catholic Church and encourages students to strengthen their relationships with God.

The classroom guidance program integrates many different topics including:

  • Understanding and respect for self and others
  • Friendship, bullying prevention, conflict resolution and improving peer relations
  • Communication and social skills, expressing feelings, anger management, and moral decision-making
  • Responsibility, study skills, goal setting, and stress management
  • Drug awareness
  • Self-safety
  • Appreciation of cultural similarities and differences

The guidance counselor’s responsibility is not only to do classroom guidance, but also to provide community resources and referrals, take part in the crisis intervention plan, participate in counselor/parent/teacher consultations, and offer individual counseling. The school also encourages parents to call the counselor about student or school concerns. For more information on the guidance program at St. Cecilia Catholic School, please contact Counselor Rachel Nunez.

Parents, you can view and download a list of resources available to you as well as the resources used in guidance below.