The St. Cecilia Catholic School after-school program – Bridges – is available to all students until 6 p.m. on most school days. Students, divided by grade level, have a safe, productive place to complete homework and participate in fun activities with classmates until pick-up time. Students attending other school-sponsored after-school enrichment and sports programs can return to Bridges following their activities until they are picked up.

Full Time Bridges

Families who enroll in full-time Bridges, pay monthly for unlimited use during the month. Families who wish to use Full Time Bridges must register in advance by filling out this online form. Only students signed up for our Full-Time Bridges program will be allowed to attend Bridges on Early Dismissal Days. Questions? Contact Bridges

Full Time Monthly Rates

One Student – $225
Two Students – $400
Three Students – $550
Four Students – $675
After 6PM – $50 flat late fee per instance
Please note that after one month late Bridges payment, a $50 late fee will be charged to the families account.

Drop In Bridges

$25 per day
After 6PM – $50 flat fee on top of $25 drop in rate (late fee per instance)

Bridges – After School Extra Curricular Activity Drop In Rate
$10 for any student participating in an after school extra-curricular activity that starts no later than 4:30PM. Students would be allowed to go to Bridges for those 30-60 minutes after school / prior to their after school activity without being charged the full drop-in rate of $25. In order for families to be eligible for this please email and please let us know which after school extra-curricular activities your children will be participating in. Any students whose parents does not pick them up at the end of the extra-curricular activity will return to Bridges and will pay the original drop-in rate of $25. If you are a full-time Bridges family this does not apply.

Families will no longer pay at the time of pickup. Parents will need to sign out their child(ren) as always, and those forms will be turned into the business office for monthly billing. Families will then receive an invoice for Drop In Bridges through the FACTS system. Money will no longer be accepted at Bridges pickup. Please note that after one month late Bridges payment, a $50 late fee will be charged to the families account.


Bridges Email Contact: Bridges Email for general questions, comments or concerns about Bridges.  Parents may also use this email to let us know about schedule or carpool changes for students in bridges.

Bridges Director: Geneva Rodriguez 713-449-9480