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Please see the links below to view an archive of our school communications. The emails are listed in reverse chronological order so the most recent emails are listed at the top. Please note many items in the individual emails are date sensitive so some links in the emails may not work after a certain period of time.

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April 15th – Weekly Insider

April 9th – Weekly Insider

March 31st – Weekly Insider

March 29th – Insider Alert – Recess and PE Update

March 25th – Weekly Insider

March 21st – Weekly Insider

March 11th – Weekly Insider

March 5th – Weekly Insider

March 3rd – Insider Alert – Mask Mandate Update

February 26th – Weekly Insider

February 25th – Insider Alert – Community Update Meeting Zoom Recording

February 21st – Weekly Insider

February 20th – Insider Alert – Important Update: Remote Learning Necessary

February 19th – Insider Alert – Community Check-In Form

February 17th – Insider Alert – School Canceled Friday, February 19th

February 16th – Insider Alert – School Canceled Through Thursday, February 18th

February 15th – Insider Alert – No Remote Learning Day Tuesday, February 16th

February 14th – Insider Alert – No In-Person School Tuesday, February 16th

February 12th – Weekly Insider

February 5th – Weekly Insider

February 2nd – COVID Protocols Updates & Modified Spring Schedule

January 29th – Weekly Insider

January 29th – Annual Tuition and Re-Enrollment Announcement Email

January 22nd – Weekly Insider

January 18th – Insider Alert – COVID Protocols Update Reminder

January 15th – Weekly Insider

January 8th – Weekly Insider

January 4th – Weekly Insider

December 17th – Weekly Insider

December 11th – Weekly Insider

December 4th – Weekly Insider

December 1st – Giving Tuesday Update

December 1st – Giving Tuesday

November 29th – Weekly Insider

November 20th – Weekly Insider

November 13th – Weekly Insider

November 11th – Insider Alert: Middle School Basketball Update

November 6th – Weekly Insider

October 29th – Weekly Insider

October 23rd – Weekly Insider

October 16th – Weekly Insider

October 9th – Weekly Insider

October 2nd – Weekly Insider

September 25th – Weekly Insider

September 22nd – Insider Alert: Update on School Plans for September 23rd

September 22nd – Insider Alert: School Canceled September 22nd

September 18th – Weekly Insider

September 11th – Weekly Insider

September 9th – Insider Alert: FACTS Family Portal Updates

September 7th – Insider Alert: Welcome Back To School Message and Reminders

September 4th – Weekly Insider

September 2nd – Insider Alert: Carpool Updates

August 28th – Weekly Insider

August 25th – Insider Alert: Hurricane Laura Events Update

August 24th – Insider Alert: Class List Email

August 21st – Weekly Insider

August 14th – Weekly Insider

August 10th – Insider Alert: Returning To School – Middle School Updates

August 7th – Weekly Insider

July 28th – Insider Alert: Returning To School Plan Update

July 24th – Insider Alert: Returning To School Plan Update

July 18th – Insider Alert: Returning To School Plan Follow Up

July 14th – Insider Alert: Returning to School Plan