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ECI Information

We partnered with ECI, in the 2016-17 school year, to bring our students mouth-watering, nutritious meals that students will truly enjoy.  Everything is prepared from scratch, using the freshest ingredients, tasty seasoning and surprising recipes.  Because we genuinely care about the students we serve, our goal of providing healthy and delicious meals at a reasonable price is of utmost importance.

All families should have received emails from our Cafeteria food provider – ECI on September 3, 2020. If you did not receive the email, please check your spam or junk folders for the email from – if you did not get the email please contact ECI at that email address.

Please note, ECI is putting into place a new system to order lunches this year, so if your child wants to order a lunch, you will need to setup this account.

If you want to order a lunch for your child, they must be ordered in advance through the new system ECI has. The daily cut-off is 7:30AM each morning.

Students can still of course bring lunches, however this year because the students are eating in their homerooms – microwaves will not be available. Lunches may not be dropped off at the front office at this time.

Please follow the steps and information below to setup an account to pre-order lunches.

ECI Management Group and St. Cecilia Catholic School are pleased to inform you that we are offering a pre-order online service.
Create your account at
Add your profile (as Student) with the “Student ID” sent to you via email
Video Instructions

Dining Pay Funds from Last Year:
We have this pre-order system in place to prevent gatherings and promote social distancing. Once we get by these times, your funds will return to the Dining Pay system and your funds will be there for use. If you have any additional questions or comments regarding your account setup, feel free to respond back to this email or give us a call. Thank-you for choosing ECI for your dining needs.

ECI Management Group
Customer Service: 713-722-7773
Main Office: 817-887-8460


Please note – all information below is related to non COVID Cafeteria procedures, that we may go back to if possible. Please disregard at this time.

Cafeteria FAQs:

How far in advance does lunch have to be ordered?
We do not require an advance order. Your child can make his or her selection when they come for lunch.
Is the lunch plate the only option?
In addition to the Entrée of the Day, we offer deli sandwiches, pre-made salads, hot pizza, and grilled items. These items will be offered as combination plates as well as a la carte.
How is payment for lunch handled?
There are two methods…a Declining Balance account through Dining Pay website or good, old-fashioned cash. With a Dining Pay account, your advance deposit is used to allow your child to purchase lunch and other food and beverage items by using their ID card. You don’t have to worry about your child having enough cash, losing cash or using the cash for something other than lunch.
What if I have an account balance from last school year?
Credits and balances will be carried over from previous years.  If you had money in your account, then you will have that credited into your ECI account.  ECI is in the process of linking this information.  Have a question regarding the amount left in your account at the end of the year?  Email John Aylor.
How does Dining Pay work?
Funds for which you deposit are available for your child to use to purchase lunch and ancillary items. They merely present their ECI ID card to the cashier, the card is passed through the reader, and the proper amount is deducted for your child’s lunch. If your child does not have card, the cashier will look them up by name.
How do we deposit money into the Café Debit account?
We offer two methods. The first is you or your child brings a check to our food service manager or cashier, and the funds are entered into your child’s account. Please be sure that the necessary information is provided…child’s name and PIN (ID) number. The second method is through our on-line process,, which is explained below.
Is there a specific deposit amount?
While our minimum deposit is $25.00, for your convenience we suggest that you deposit enough funds to allow your child to eat for four to six weeks; please be sure to account for snacks, if allowed.
What are the cost of the lunches?
PK – 1st – $5.15 2nd – 4th – $5.80 5th – 8th – $6.40
How will I know my child’s balance?
We will send a Balance Notification via email when the balance falls below $20.00, and weekly balance notification emails.
Can my child overdraw the account?
So as to not deny anyone lunch, we will allow negative balances up to $10.00; we ask that you clear up any negative balances (or contact us with any questions) within two days of notification. If balance owed over $10.00, we will provide an alternate lunch (i.e Sandwich, Fruit and Milk) which will be charged to the account. We will always make sure the child has something to eat.
Can I get a record of what my child ate?
Dining pay provides an itemized list of purchases.
How about nutrition?
ECI is committed to providing balanced meal options and responsible choices. We utilize cooking techniques that result in less fat and less sugar in the items we serve. A proper variety of food is available with the intent of satisfying the needs of all.
What if we have a question or comment?
We welcome your questions and comments via e-mail, telephone or personal visit. Our manager can be reached via e-mail (, phone (713.722.7773 x301) , or of course in person at the cafeteria.