1:1 Program

Technology at St. Cecilia Catholic School is an integral and intentional component of the educational program.

The 1:1 environment in PK3 through 1st grade with iPads, 2nd through 8th grade with Chromebooks, and the multitude of digital subscriptions provided by the school allows for the fluid use of technology and the ability to focus on a blended learning approach to teaching and learning. These resources allow teachers to implement instructional strategies that provide students with a variety of platforms to learn content and to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of grade-level learning standards. Teachers are trained in the effective use of technology and are reminded of the importance of finding a digital balance for the students regarding the use of technology for learning both in the classroom and at home.

Teachers use digital subscriptions such as Raz Kids and Epic in ELA workstations, adaptive digital platforms such as IXL in math workstations and Duolingo in Spanish class. These are just a few examples of the supplemental use of technology in the classroom. Teachers work to use both technological tools and offline resources to create a balance of activities which helps to meet the diverse needs of the students.

Chromebook Program in 4th-8th Grade:
Students in 4th through 8th grade borrow a school-issued Chromebook that students are allowed to take to and from school each day. In preparation for this responsibility, students participate in an onboarding class to educate them on proper care and use of the device.

4th-8th Grade Chromebook Program Requirements:

  • Students need to purchase a laptop case with a strap to be issued the Chromebook.
  • Students will attend an onboarding class when receiving Chromebooks at school.

Informational Materials Supporting our Chromebook Program:
Chromebook Parent Presentation
Chromebook Student Presentation
Chromebook 1:1 FAQ