Statements of Purpose

We are:

Community of Learners
1. A community of learners – teachers and students – who exceed expectations, continually seek opportunities to learn, to discover, and to bring about positive change in the world

Student Driven
2. Student learning, formation, and welfare is the central driving force behind all that we do

Caring Community
3. A safe, caring, nurturing Catholic community in which every student has the opportunity to learn and grow intellectually, socially, and spiritually

Challenging and Personalized
4. Teachers, parents, and students cooperate to develop their God given talents in a challenging, personalized, and positive setting

Meaningful Engagement
5. Classrooms in which students are actively engaged in meaningful tasks which have been thoughtfully designed to facilitate student exploration

Thoughtful Collaboration & Feedback
6. A community where teachers collaboratively design assessments to give effective feedback that will facilitate improved student learning

Self-Reflection & Critical Thinking
7. A community that fosters curiosity where students and teachers reflect upon their learning in an effort to develop critical thinking, higher order reasoning and complex problem solving skills

Mission Driven Community
8. A community that encourages respect, responsibility, reverence, service, love of lifelong learning, and cooperation of teachers, parents, and students