Early Childhood Program Expansion


We are excited to announce that starting in the 2020-2021 school year, St. Cecilia Catholic School will be expanding our Pre-K3 program to accept more students.

This expansion is a result of the thorough discernment process between the parish and school administrations who have agreed to make the Nursery building on campus a shared space.

There will be three Pre-K3 classrooms next year – the current classroom in the main school building will continue to be a Pre-K3 classroom, and the two additional classrooms for next school year will be in the Nursery building.

The agreement between the parish and school allows the school to use the two rooms in the Nursery building during school day hours, and the parish to utilize the spaces to support additional parish ministries in the afternoons, evenings, and weekends.

The expansion of our Pre-K3 program allows St. Cecilia Catholic School to help meet the ever increasing demand for early childhood education, and offers more families the ability to provide a Catholic education for their children.

The school would like to thank Fr. Francis, Karen Ann Martin, and Martina Razo for all of their time, input, and thoughtful insight into how best to share the nursery space allowing the school to expand the Pre-K program. Additionally, the school would like to thank the members of the school board for their support of the expansion.