Auction Glossary


Auction is a major annual fundraiser for our school. Generous sponsors donate items and experiences for parents and other community members to bid on at our live event in April. Each class supports the auction in several different ways. Examples include grade level projects and silent auction baskets. Tickets will be sold in the spring for the adult-only auction party.

Bidder Number

When a person registers for Auction they will receive a bidder number. This number will be used to bid on items.

Big Board

Big Board includes the higher valued items that are available via Mobile Bidding. These items may include School Naming Rights and For a Day items.

Grade Level Baskets

A themed basket is put together by each grade level and auctioned off during the school auction. A committee will select a theme for each grade level basket. Families of each grade level are asked to donate items including products, gift cards and monetary donations to be used to create a desired basket on the specific theme. Some themes in the past have included Brown Water, Road Trips, Outdoor Games, Sports and Collegiate Teams.

Grade Level Projects

A project is created by students in each grade level. Parent volunteers help to produce the project idea and execute the project. They will work with Homeroom and Ancillary teachers to help with student involvement in the project. Some projects may result in one item that represents the entire grade or multiple items that represent each homeroom. There also may be items that can be mass produced for multiple purchases, i.e., Books. Past projects include Quilts, Photography, Drawings/Artwork, and many other fun and creative ideas.


The Live portion of Auction happens during the event and those items are only available to attendees. There is an Auctioneer that runs the Live Auction and items of a certain value are auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Mobile Bidding

Mobile Bidding is a paperless bidding method that allows guests to bid straight from their phones. Items that are sold via Mobile Bidding are available to all parties that register and attendance at the event is not required. This will include Sign Up Parties, Silent and Big Board Items and any additional spirit items that may be sold during the Auction.

Naming Rights

Various areas in the school are named after the highest bidders for these items. Most naming rights will last one school year, while naming rights in the Learning Commons are for three years.

Neon Nights

Neon Nights is a party that supports Auction. Families pay to attend this glow in the dark party. The party is open for purchase to all St Cecilia School families. The event is typically held in the winter on school grounds. The funds collected support Grab Bag and other Auction items/events.

Paddles Up

Paddles Up is a moment during the Auction when you are asked to raise your paddle to donate to the School Auction. It is a direct appeal to ask for any additional donations that families are willing to give for such a great cause…Our Students.

Program Ads

Various size ads can be purchased and placed in the Auction program which is handed out on the night of Auction.

Sign Up Parties

Sign-Up Parties are events planned/hosted and funded by parents. Spots to attend the parties are sold to help support Auction. Parties may be for students of certain grades, all students, Moms, Dads, Couples, or Families. There are also some school sponsored parties available for students known as Fun with Faculty, where students can attend a party with their teacher. Sign-Up Parties will be released throughout the year. Spaces can be limited so act fast and do not miss out!


The Silent Auction includes many items in multiple categories that are bid on silently via Mobile Bidding using their bidder number. There is a closing time and the highest bidder at that time wins the item.


A person or organization that pays a certain amount in return for advertisement of their family or business. See our sponsorship form for Sponsorship opportunities.

Tuition Raffle

Tuition Raffle is a chance to win a discount on the upcoming years tuition.

Yard Flocking

Yard Flocking is a fundraiser where auction theme signage is placed in your yard for up to 24 hours. It is a fun and exciting way to show your support to all your neighbors for the St Cecilia Auction.