Athletics Updates

Fall Sports 2017 Wrap Up
One hundred six middle school students, a full 70% of our 6th-8th grade, participated in at least one of our athletic programs this fall. In addition, 13 fifth-grade students stepped up to play JV soccer.

Football Highlights
Head Coach Zach McMillian led our Indian Football team, alongside assistants Greg Daniels and Dillon Bonnet. In the team’s notable win against the Phins of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, our first away game, the boys really came together in all phases of the game: offense, defense and special teams. This important victory was a highlight of the season.

With 11 sixth graders making up half the squad, these younger boys had some great opportunities to get into the action. Evan Solis, in his first start as backup QB to an injured Brendan Fote, bravely led the offense during the Indians Homecoming game against the St. John Paul II Saints, a team loaded with 8th grade boys. He showed great poise on the field and made an impressive connection to Tanner McNamara for a touchdown.

Similarly, Grey Barrett, a 6th grader who traditionally plays running back, stepped into the QB role in our final game against the St. Vincent Tigers and played a phenomenal game. “Not only did Grey do a good job, but his teammates rallied behind him and helped him compete,” reports Coach McMillian.

Over the course of the season, these players were named by their coaches to receive the coveted locker posters recognizing their outstanding efforts: Brendon Fote, Nick Ferruzzo, Tanner McNamara and Jack Gunther. While the team faced adversity in a 1-4 season, the Indian Football team shows great promise for the years ahead.

Volleyball Highlights
Coach Liz Coughlin has been dedicated to SCCS Volleyball for ten years as Head Coach. She and assistant Ryan Clark prepared 3 teams of girls for a 12 game season. She reports that it was “great to see how all three teams embrace and support each other.” The Varsity girls really came together and played as a team this season with awesome serving, several blocks and some great digs. These games are fun to watch. Varsity scored 3 wins over their rivals this year.

Coach Clark agrees, “What a season! I had such a great time coaching these particular girls this year.” The Junior Varsity and 6th grade C team learned a great deal and truly started to develop their game this year. Both coaches look forward to seeing more strides next year.

Players who were highlighted for their game time contributions to the team include Olivia Danos, Emma Forrester and the one player on both Varsity and JV rosters—Margaret Cannon.

Soccer Highlights
A remarkable 35 students turned out for soccer this year, including 13 from the 5th grade! Coach Evan Marks and assistant Tia Barginear led this fearless crew to a record season.

Coach Marks tells the story the best:
“The final whistle blew, and there was a moment of hesitation before it finally sank in: we had won our first game of the season. The team had been winless for many years but earned that elusive “W” in our very first game! I looked out on the field, and many of the players were jumping around and screaming at the top of their lungs. One 7th grade player even fell to his knees, as he was so elated. The 2017-18 SCCS Soccer team would go on to end the season with a historic 5-7 record, only missing the playoffs by a few games.”

Notable players, who received a locker poster in honor of their soccer prowess, include Joshua Rubio, Nicholas Gentile, Ryan Arnold, Patrick Mallon and Matthew Fote.

Cheer Team Highlights
Besides rallying the football team from the sidelines, the SCCS Cheerleaders endeavor to be ambassadors for the school, to build school spirit for all sports and student achievements, and to develop their leadership skills.

This fall, the 41 girl team welcomed new students to SCCS, greeted all students on the first day, decorated the school for the Back to School Bash and Homecoming and participated in an event at Memorial City Mall. They planned and led 3 pep rallies for a raucous school wide crowd, posted signs for every game of every sport and decorated the lockers of the players named weekly by their coaches for the honor. The girls made buttons for the parents of athletes and offered a great selection of Spirit Items to get the Indian crowd geared up for Homecoming. Twenty-eight girls serve in Captain roles and meet regularly to plan and implement cheer activities.

The Cheer Staff includes Manager Connie Klenke, Coach Bianca George, Assistant Coach Tori Hicks and Faculty Liaison Krystal Martin. They ended the season with a Surprise Party this week and awarded these girls for outstanding cheer skills: Brooke Martiny, Amanda Lopez, Rachel Rivera, Olivia Danos, Sydney Fitzgerald, Maeve Klenke, Morganne Svoboda and Emma Kate Folse. These girls were recognized for being models of the team’s promises: Ella Blackburn, Paige Pesek, Ari Ragas, Victoria Carroll, Grace Keller, Ava Gross, Maddie Wilder, Lilah Shofner, Olivia Murphy and Sophia James.