Strategic Plan

I hope that, when the vision of Saint Cecilia Catholic School education that is embedded in our Archdiocesan Master Plan is fully realized sometime in the next five years, the members of the Saint Cecilia Catholic Community of the future will agree that the good ideas we espoused at the start of the strategic plan will have appeared “inevitable in retrospect”.

That Master Plan, however, can’t be fully realized without the achievement of the objectives we have set for ourselves in our Strategic Plan: Making a Difference Now… and in the Future. I have been fond of saying that programs and facilities must follow the needs of the students entrusted to our care. I believe that this document carefully articulates the rationale for that principle.

As we pursue the goal of accountability and excellence inherent in each Strategic Objective, I am confident that the programs and facilities necessary to translate our hopes and dreams into reality will, of necessity, follow.

It is an exciting time to be part of the St. Cecilia Catholic School Family.


Carol Ann Everling, Principal

Action Step #1 - Catholic Identity
Action Step #2 - Academic Excellence and Leadership
Action Step #3 - Admissions
Action Step #4 - Advancement
Action Step #5 - Facilities
Action Step #6 - Finance
Action Step #7 - Technology