Weather Update – Carpool and Pick Up


September 19th, 2:00PM

Authorities are still asking people to stay inside – to not be out on the roads if they do not have to be. Some of the roads leading to, and some around the school are still not passable at this time.

If you are able to come pick up your students at normal carpool time, you are welcome to pick up the students. If you are not able to arrive for carpool, please rest assured that the students are safe at school, and we will continue to care for the students until parents can arrive to pick them up.

If you are not able to arrive during carpool, there will be no drop-in Bridges fees charged today.

All after-school activities – practices, games, and extra-curricular activities for this afternoon are canceled. Bridges will still be available as normal.

If there are necessary further updates, we will use this email system, our social media pages, and the school website news section to update everyone.