Summer Reading & Mathletics Assignments

Summer has only just begun, but we wanted to ensure that everyone has the necessary information for the summer reading and Mathletics requirements for the upcoming school year.
Students entering 3rd through 7th grade are required to read at least one of the books on the following list during the summer. All students entering Grade 8 should take a minute to read the Summer Reading Information below.  If a student has read and taken an RC test on any of these books in previous years, they will not be able to take the test on that particular book again.
We believe that to best prepare our students for the future, we must provide them with many opportunities to develop number sense and math ability. Both of these skills can be mastered with continued practice.
This summer, children who have just completed the 3rd through 7th grades will have 10 math assignments from Mathletics. These assignments must be completed prior to returning in August, and will be graded for accuracy and not completion. The average of the assignments will count as one test grade….    READ MORE
Summer Mathletics Assignments by Grade:
Helpful Tip for Mathletics:

If a student misses a problem, they can immediately click the “?” in the left hand panel. It will walk them through the exact problem with step by step animation and then adapt the problems to their level. Or, they can click the “?” in advance of attempting the problem to see a similar example.  Need to re-do the assignment?  Click HERE to learn more.
We will follow up with a Back to School Newsletter in July with other information relevant to the upcoming school year. Thanks!

Questions? Please contact Diane Blackman or John Aylor

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