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St. Cecilia Catholic School Office Summer Hours & School Calendar

During the month of June, the St Cecilia School Office will be open Tuesday through Thursday from 8:00am to 12:00pm. School office hours resume on Tuesday, August 1st. We will provide more information, regarding Back To School and other important details related to the 2019-20 school year in a future summer communication. Thanks and HAPPY SUMMER!

2019 – 2020 Calendar

Summer 2019 Summer Math & Reading Assignments

Summer Math:
Math is a life skill, and we use math every day in some way. We feel that to best prepare our students for the future, we must provide them with many opportunities to develop number sense and math ability. Both of these skills can be mastered with continued practice. Once again, children who have just completed the 3rd-7th grades will have 10 math assignments from Mathletics this summer. These assignments must be completed prior to returning to school in August. Your child(ren) must make a score of 90 or above on each assignment for it to be counted as completed. It is the expectation of the Math teachers and school administration that these assignments will be completed by August 14, 2019. If any of the assignments are incomplete, students will be required to complete unfinished assignments during non-instructional times during the school day in August. It is our belief that all students will use the summer months to hone their math skills and complete all of the Mathletics assignments assigned for their grade level.
Assignment: TBA – check your Mathletics account after June 4th
Completion Dates: June 5, 2019 – August 14, 2019
Summer Math Info Link

Questions? Contact Diane Blackman or Monique Smith

Summer Reading:
St. Cecilia is committed to the goal of developing a lifelong passion for reading and writing in our students. The St. Cecilia balanced literacy framework will focus on engaging young readers and writers in authentic and independent reading and writing tasks that are proven to increase student learning and literacy. Sustained daily reading influences achievement in the following ways:
– Offers mental stimulation
– Stimulates vocabulary expansion
– Advances memory improvement
– Increases knowledge
– Strengthens analytical thinking skills
– Improves focus and concentration
– Yields better writing skills
– Provides stress reduction

This summer, we are asking students entering PreK3 through 8th grade to participate in the following Summer Reading Activity Assignment. Although you will find similarities among the grades, the grade level teacher(s) met and chose those activities that they felt best fit the age of their particular students. We encourage you and your child to read throughout the summer and we feel that these suggested activities are suited for that.

In the past, rising 3rd-8th grade students were given a Reading Counts test covering the book they had read. We are no longer assigning that test. Instead, students will complete a project from the books they read once the school year begins.

We take seriously our commitment to creating and fostering a joy of reading in all of our students and believe that this new summer assignment will help students to develop the skill of not only becoming lifelong learners, but more specifically, becoming lifelong readers!

Summer Reading Info link

Questions? Contact Diane Blackman or Monique Smith

2019-2020 School Supplies  – Order through EPI no later than  June 15th

Use this simple on-line process to order pre-packaged supplies through EPI. Supplies will be sent to school and delivered to your child’s classroom before school starts. Note: there are a few items that are not included in the EPI pre-packaged sets. Please see below. Our teachers have taken time to select grade specific items for the supply packs. Each supply pack is discounted for bulk purchasing. By purchasing these packs through EPI, our HSA receives $10 per pack. These funds are used to provide many programs for the students. Thanks for supporting our HSA with your purchase!
  • Our school ID is: STC002 (three letters, three numbers).
  • Online ordering through EPI will be available until June 15th.
  • Nap mat can be ordered HERE. Nap mats are for grades EPK & PK
School Supply Lists
Questions? Contact Leslie Moeller

Sue Mills Summer Sale

Sue Mills will be holding their annual summer sale June 8 – 22 with 10% all items in-store and and $5 shipping on orders over $100. Click HERE for more information.

Used Uniforms & Used Uniform Sale – August 13th

As the end of the year is rapidly approaching, please remember that if your family is graduating from St. Cecilia or moving somewhere else this summer, you may bring in your uniforms for donation to the HSA Uniform Sale in August. If you will be returning next year, but have uniforms to donate, we would greatly appreciate it if you could hold on to your items until August as storage gets pretty full. Please be aware that ALL grey sweatshirts and hoodies will no longer be allowed for next school year so we will not be accepting them for the sale. A replacement sweatshirt option will be announced by the administration at a later date.The Back To School Sale will be on Tuesday, August 13th during the Sneak a Peek hours. If you have any questions, email Bridget Ratlief.

Carpool News  to Know

An HOV Status Request Survey and a Carpool Tag Request Survey will be sent to all St. Cecilia Catholic School families in early August. In the meantime. please take a minute to read through below information to see if any actions are required prior to the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

HOV: Guaranteed Enrollment: Families with 5+ more children at St. Cecilia Catholic School will be guaranteed HOV carpool status. You still need to respond to the HOV Status Request survey (to be sent early August) in order to receive your tags.

Requesting HOV: HOV status does not automatically renew from year to year. You must REAPPLY for HOV carpool each year. The reapplication process will be facilitated using the HOV Status Request Survey (to be sent early August). The date and time of your submission will be noted and assigned on a first come, first serve basis. If you anticipate wanting to be in HOV, start securing your riders now. Only one request per HOV group should be submitted, including the names of all of the riders as part of the submission. Reminder: There must be 5+ riders to qualify for HOV, with most of those riders being picked up daily, a majority of the time. Only one car per HOV will be allowed to pick up riders each day.

Carpool Tags:

Keep your tags in a safe spot over the summer, to be reused for next year.

8th Grade and Non-returning Families: Please return any tags you will not be using to the school office to be recycled.

HOV: Please return all tags to the front office, HOV status must be requested each year.

Bridges Backpack Tags: Please return all Bridges backpack tags on your final day of Bridges. You will be issued a tag in the Fall if you enroll your child in Full Time Bridges.

Requesting Replacement Tags: You will be able to request new or additional car tags or backpack tags by using the Carpool Tag Request Survey (to be sent at a later date). If you have a new member of your household attending St. Cecilia Catholic School in the fall, you do NOT need to request an additional backpack tag. All new students will be provided with a new tag. You may need a new tag if your carpool arrangements have changed, your tags are lost or if your tags have become worn or damaged.

Carpool Times and Procedures: Carpool times will be updated prior to the new school year to reflect new start and finish times for the 2019-2020 school year. Carpool times will all be shifted 5 minutes based on the new start and end times for the 2019-2020 school year.