Summer 2018 – Reading and Math Assignments

Summer Math & Reading Assignments – 2018

Summer Reading:
St. Cecilia is committed to the goal of developing a lifelong passion for reading and writing in our students. The St. Cecilia balanced literacy framework will focus on engaging young readers and writers in authentic and independent reading and writing tasks that are proven to increase student learning and literacy. Sustained daily reading influences achievement in the following ways:

• Offers mental stimulation
• Stimulates vocabulary expansion
• Advances memory improvement
• Increases knowledge
• Strengthens analytical thinking skills
• Improves focus and concentration
• Yields better writing skills
• Provides stress reduction

This summer, we are asking students entering 1st grade through 8th grade to read books from the specific grade level list. (8th grade has a modified assignment). We encourage you to read as many books on the list you can, but each student must read at least one of the books from the assigned list during the summer. Students may also read good-fit books from any of the other grade level lists. Students entering 3rd-8th grades will be tested on the book they chose to read through the Reading Counts program during the first six weeks of the next school year. If a student has read and taken an RC test on any of these books in previous years, they will not be able to take the test on that particular book again……

Summer Reading Lists

Summer Math:
Math is a life skill, and we use math every day in some way. We feel that to best prepare our students for the future, we must provide them with many opportunities to develop number sense and math ability. Both of these skills can be mastered with continued practice. Once again, children who have just completed the 3 rd -7 th grades will have 10 math assignments from Mathletics this summer. These assignments must be completed prior to returning to school in August. Your child(ren) must make a score of 90 or above on each assignment for it to be counted as completed. It is the expectation of the Math teachers and school administration that these assignments will be completed by August 15, 2018. If any of the assignments are incomplete, students will be required to complete unfinished assignments during non-instructional times during the school day in August. It is our belief that all students will use the summer months to hone their math skills and complete all of the Mathletics assignments assigned for their grade level….

Summer Math Assignment

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