St. Cecilia Catholic School Band Members perform at Rice University

On Saturday, October 28 a few of the St. Cecilia Band Members had an opportunity to perform in the Rice University Band’s Half Time Show. The students were invited to play attend Debbie Swindler’s Bravo Music after school band program at SCCS and joined other Bravo Music students from across the city for the performance. The band members participated in the Rice Band’s morning practice, played in a pre-game show through Owl Alley and performed with the Rice Band during half time. The half time performance included a rendition of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club and a finale with the Louisiana Tech University band playing “I Get By with A Little Help from My Friends.” Band Members participating included: Lilly Jarlsjo, 8th Grade-Clarinet, Katie Koerner, 8th Grade-Flute, Leah Martin, 8th Grade-Trombone, Alexis Othon, 5th Grade-Flute and Molly Dillingham, 6th Grade-Clarinet.

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