Middle School Football Begins on August 1st

Parents –
The SCCS Middle School Football Camp will officially start on Tuesday, August 1st.  All boys in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades areencouraged to join the team for Football Camp, even if they have never played football before.  The game of football is a tremendous experience for all boys, and provides the opportunity for significant personal growth, improved self-confidence and increased pride, in addition to the physical benefits associated with the physical activity. If your son is planning on joining the team for Football Camp, please respond to Coach Zach McMillian at z.mcmillian@yahoo.com so we can start putting together a roster and plan for the season.
The first day of camp will start at 6:00 a.m. on August 1st on the SCCS football field. Football Camp will continue through Tuesday, August 15th (the day before the first day of school on August 16th).  Boys should arrive by 5:50 a.m.and be dressed in shorts, t-shirt and football cleats; they should also bring a large jug of water.  Note:  In order to participate, a current physical examination , medical history and parent consent must be on file with the clinic. (If your student had the May 2017 on site physical on campus, then the current physical exam requirement has been met for the upcoming school year.) The $150 registration fee must also be paid. The required SCCS forms and the $150 registration fee can be provided to Athletic Director,Tom Sparks, on August 1st.
As everyone is aware, the August summers in Houston are hot so please try to find activities to acclimate your son to the heat by spending as much time as possible outside exercising over the next few weeks prior to the first day of Football Camp.  This will help your son enjoy Football Camp and will also aid in the physical conditioning and learning during the first few weeks.
A detailed schedule of all practices, scrimmages and the games will be provided soon to help parents plan for the entire season.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Coach Zach at z.mcmillian@yahoo.com.
Thanks for your support and interest in SCCS Football.  Go Indians!

Coach Zachary McMillian
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