Carpool News to Know for 2017-2018 School Year

New HOV Policy: 
Automatic Enrollment: Families with 5+ more children at SCCS will automatically receive HOV carpool status, however, you will still need to respond to the HOV survey to receive your tags.

Requesting HOV: HOV status does not automatically renew from year to year. (Exception: Auction HOV is good through auction 2018.) You must

REAPPLY for HOV carpool each year, unless you are a family with 5+ children. This means that if you are currently in HOV, you must reapply. The reapplication process will be facilitated using the carpool survey. The date and time of your submission will be noted and assigned on a first come, first servebasis. If you anticipate wanting to be in HOV, start securing your riders now.  One request per HOV group needs to submitted, including the names of all of the riders as party of the submission. Reminder:  There must be 5+ riders to qualify for HOV, with most of those riders being picked up daily, a the majority of the time. Only one car per HOV will be allowed to pick up riders each day.

New Request Survey: The carpool survey will be sent to all SCCS families in late July/early August. You will be able to request replacement tags, change your carpool status and request HOV. Carpool Admins will manage a waiting list if there are more families that request HOV than HOV spots. There are a set number of school approved HOV cars that can safely run through carpool.
8th Grade and Non-returning Families: Please return any tags you will not be using to the school office to be recycled.
Carpool Tags: Keep your tags in a safe spot over the summer to be reused for next year.
Carpool Questions?  Carpool
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