7th Grade 1:1 Pilot Program

For the past few years, you have heard that St. Cecilia Catholic School has been making significant improvements to our technological infrastructure. As we have previously shared, these improvements have been for the purpose of not only maintaining a secure and safe environment for our students, but also to better enable the migration to a 1:1 or blended learning environment, where students are using Chromebooks and are in the Google Classroom environment on a daily basis.

With funding from our Campus Improvement Plan, we are pleased to announce that in January 2018, after 2 years of planning our efforts and upgrades, and with the support of our Principal Mr. Matthews, we are ready to introduce a full grade level to a full 1:1 learning environment.

This means that in January, we will be assigning each 7th grade student a Chromebook which he or she will be allowed to take home on a daily basis. There will be more information forthcoming regarding this opportunity, including additional Acceptable Use Policies, specific policies and rules governing the home/school use of the Chromebook, and a heightened expectation of responsibility on the part of our 7th graders. In January, we will be announcing a set of parent and student meetings, we will share our finalized policy handbooks regarding school-issued Chromebooks, and we will make ourselves available for your questions and concerns.

This idea has generated a lot of excitement on the part of the students and teachers, and your St. Cecilia Catholic School Technology Team is excited to be a part of making it happen for the school.

Parents of 7th grade students will be receiving an email from Assistant Principal Mr. Aylor with more details.

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