Developing the potential of each student at St. Cecilia Catholic School means providing for a well-rounded, cultural education. We believe that appreciation, understanding and experience in fine arts is an essential aspect of educating the whole child. The school’s Music program offers the following:

Music (Elementary)

  • Develop Singing voice and sense of pitch
  • Sing together, in small groups and solo
  • Count, Chant, and perform rhythms in simple and compound meter.
  • Initial understanding of Harmonic structures in Music.
  • Connect sung and audiated melodies to voice and instruments.
  • Differentiate Instruments and musical styles

Music (Middle School)

  • Compose and Produce music using digital composition tools.
  • Sing alone and in groups in unison, and in harmony.
  • Count, Chant and perform rhythms in complex and mixed meter.
  • Understand how Harmony and Melody connect to create a piece of music
  • Identify and articulate musical preferences, and critique musical performances.
  • Establish Musical Literacy in standard music notation and the Nashville Number System.
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Courtney Laird
Laird, Courtney
Music Teacher