Ways To Give

Thank your for partnering with us at St. Cecilia Catholic School as we strive to continue to offer an excellent, faith-centered Catholic education for young men and women in west Houston. Your investment means we can continue to provide an incredible learning environment supported by cutting-edge technology; provide ongoing training and education for our outstanding faculty and staff; and ensure our facilities match the strength of our programs. We are grateful for your continued support in sustaining the legacy of excellence for our children today – and tomorrow.

Securities: You can make such gifts through your broker, or through the mail. For tax purposes, the value of the gift is recorded as the average market value on the date of delivery (or if mailed, on the postmark date). If transferred through a broker, the gift’s value is determined by the date of transfer as recorded in the books of the corporation. Click here for a sample securities letter

Planned Giving: Remembering St. Cecilia Catholic School in your will is a special and effective way to ensure that the ideals you value will be perpetuated.  It also reduces the taxable portion of your estate.

Personal Property: Gifts of valuable art works, furniture, jewelry, antiques, rare books and manuscripts can increase the School’s educational resources in many ways.

Real Estate: You can offer real estate as an immediate gift or to fund a trust.  You may even arrange for lifetime occupancy after making your gift, thereby gaining a tax deduction and eliminating local taxes while still enjoying the comforts of home.

Gifts-In-Kind: Non-cash gifts of property such as computers, books, scientific equipment, art materials also make important gifts.  The fair market value of such items is deductible for income tax purposes.  A formal appraisal is required by the IRS for gifts in kind valued at over $5,000.