Campus Improvement Plan

October 10, 2017

The Executive Leadership Team of St. Cecilia Catholic School, in partnership with the St. Cecilia School Board, is pleased to announce the 2017 – 2018 St. Cecilia Catholic School Campus Improvement Plan.

The Campus Improvement Plan is a new initiative started by the current school administration after consulting with the School Board and various groups within the school community about necessary improvements needed around campus. The suggested improvements will provide facilities enhancements, provide added safety and security measures, and will improve the learning of all St. Cecilia students. The Campus Improvement Plan is part of an overall strategic focus, of the administration and School Board, to annually allocate fundraising revenue, and to clearly communicate with parents and community members where and how the dollars are allocated.

Funding for the 2017 – 2018 Campus Improvement Plan comes from previous donations made by parents and community members. The School Board’s Finance Committee has partnered with the school’s administration in a review of the past fundraising revenue and current budget to determine the resources available for the proposed improvements.

Additionally, the school is working with an anonymous donor who has come forward with their wish to make a multi-year major gift to the school. This generous leadership level gift will enhance the Campus Improvement Plan by allowing additional campus improvements. The school is also working in partnership with the Athletic Booster Club Board to identify additional Athletics campus improvements with money raised by the Booster Club and matched by the school.

The administration, in consultation with the School Board, and parish administration has identified the following focused areas for the 2017 – 2018 Campus Improvement Plan:

– Additional Chromebooks and Smart Boards for the classrooms
– Continuing to update the campus technology infrastructure

Audio / Visual
– Updated Audio / Visual system for the school’s Auditorium
– Updated Audio / Visual system for the school’s Gym

Water Fountains
– Updated water fountains to include new filtration systems and bottle fillers
– Replacement of some water fountains on campus

– Updated mag lock system for campus
– Additional security cameras

Gym, Pavilion, and Athletics
– New coverings for gym windows
– Updates to pavilion & pavilion equipment
– Additional improvements to athletic facilities

The school is currently working with vendors to secure bids and project timelines for the items listed above; it is our intent to move swiftly after bids have been evaluated and vendors chosen. While we do not have an exact timeline on these projects some are already in progress with a few others starting in the next 30 days. Some of the projects listed above will require more time to continue evaluating options, vendors, and bids, however it is a priority for the administration to approve and begin work on as many of these projects as possible this school year. We will also do our best to ensure that onsite work related to these projects are minimally invasive to the school day.

As we have more information, we will continue to update this page and use the weekly INsider e-mails as well as our social media to communicate updates as they are available.

We are very excited to announce our Campus Improvement Plan, and look forward to making the improvements benefiting all of our St. Cecilia students in many positive ways. We are grateful for the past support of our community, allowing us to continue creating the school our children deserve.

Jeff Matthews – Principal, St. Cecilia Catholic School
Fr. Francis – Pastor, St. Cecilia Catholic Church
Christina Carroll – Board President, St. Cecilia Catholic School