Annual Fund Parent Testimonials

In addition to all the members of the 2017 – 2018 Annual Fund Parent Committee (a volunteer group comprised of the Annual Fund Chairs and all the Class Coordinators) reaching 100% participation with their giving, they have all also taken the time to express why the St. Cecilia Catholic School Annual Fund is important to them, and their families. Please read their thoughts below on why it is important to them to participate.

“The Annual Fund allows our children, teachers and staff to directly benefit from the money raised. It will aid our school in becoming a greater and stronger place for our children to thrive and grow. It truly is a crucial part of our school’s success!”
– Paul and Lindsay Laudadio – Annual Fund Chairs

“The Annual Fund provides our school with the opportunity to go the extra mile for our kids. We’re proud to contribute to St. Cecilia’s efforts to create a wonderful learning environment for every student.”
– Aaron and Emily Coulter – Early PreK Class Coordinators

“We believe it is important to contribute to the Annual Fund because it is a direct investment in the improvement of education and environment for the administration, staff, and most importantly our children.”
– Michael & Sylvia Cathcart – PK4 Class Coordinators

“Funds from the annual fund go directly to the important needs of the school to improve the environment in which our children learn and grow, making an already terrific faith based education that much better.”
– Bo and Kimberly Barrett – Kindergarten Class Coordinators

“We give to the Annual Fund because our family believes in St. Cecilia Catholic School. We have 3 boys who attend the school and nothing matters more to us than helping them grow into strong, intelligent, and contributing members of our society. We know that the school puts every dollar from the Annual Fund toward the improvement of our childrens’ educations so really, there is no better way for us to spend our money.”
– Trey & Emily Burke – 1st Grade Class Coordinators

“As we think about this year’s annual fund Tabitha and I can’t help but reflect back 15 years to when our oldest daughter started at St. Cecilia’s. There have been so many advancements through equipment in the classrooms, building upgrades, sports and theater upgrades, etc. and none of this would have been possible without the generous donations of the friends and families of St. Cecilia through the annual fund.”
– Michael and Tabitha Koby – 2nd Grade Class Coordinators

“As an alumni and now parents of three boys, the St. Cecilia community is more than just a school to us…it is like our extended family. St. Cecilia provides exceptional learning opportunities for our children, both in and out of the classroom. Donating to the Annual Fund allows the school to provide innovative ways to educate our students as well as support a faith based environment of caring and service that develops exemplary character traits. We cannot think of a better investment!”
Posie and Angie Clinton – 3rd Grade Class Coordinators

“Support of the Annual Fund provides opportunity for improvements to our programs, technology and facilities. We feel these are necessary components that help drive passion and purpose in our students and will enhance their education at St. Cecilia Catholic School. We are excited to help partner in this mission and look forward to partnering with each and every family to accomplish 100% participation this year!”
– Steve and Leslie Shofner – 4th Grade Class Coordinators

“We appreciate all that the Annual Fund provides for the students at Saint Cecilia Catholic School. It is these special enhancements that make the school stand out over other Catholic schools in our area.”
– Mike and Abby Miggins – 5th Grade Class Coordinators

“We give to the Annual Fund to help support programs and upgrades that enhance and enrich our children’s educational experience.”
– Brock and Natasha King – 6th Grade Class Coordinators

“We support the Annual Fund so our children will receive additional classroom resources and have the opportunity to an outstanding education & environment. This fund is critical to continuing the school’s growth and leadership.”
– Ryan and Stacey Hamilton – 7th Grade Class Coordinators

“Annual Fund will help St. Cecilia implement changes and improvements under our new administration. We are excited to be a part of the progress forward that our school has needed for years. We are also pleased that some of the funds raised will directly help out our flooded school families with tuition assistance.”
– Greg and Erin Klenke – 8th Grade Class Coordinators