Annual Fund 2017 Letter

The start of this school year has been unprecedented. As we all know, fifteen percent of our school’s community was directly impacted by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. We know it has been a stressful and trying time for many families who we have kept in our thoughts and prayers as we return to the work of teaching and learning.

While it has been a challenge for us all, it has also been inspiring to see the spirit of generosity and support in this community. Many of you have provided your fellow community members with your gifts of time, talent, and treasure. These gifts not only helped your neighbors, but also helped our entire school community and we as a school are grateful for your support of them as it both helped them, and in turn helped all of us as a school community.

It is in this same spirit of generosity and support that we kick off the 2017 – 2018 St. Cecilia Catholic School Annual Fund and ask for your continued support of St. Cecilia.

The goal of the Annual Fund is to advance the mission of the school by asking parents, Alumni, faculty, grandparents, friends, and others to financially support St. Cecilia. Our goal this year is to strengthen the Annual Fund – which has a lasting impact on every student, every day.

In addition, participation in the 2017-2018 Annual Fund reflects continued support for the families that were directly impacted by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. While the school has supported the families with uniforms, school supplies, and assistance with lunches, the leadership team of the school has been working with the school’s Board to discuss tuition assistance for the affected families – we know their needs continue. To that end, the school has recently informed the affected families that a portion of the funds raised from this year’s Annual Fund will be applied to tuition assistance for them. This is both the right thing to do for these families and our greater school community – as it is our wish that no families have to leave our school for financial reasons.

One of the biggest strengths of a successful Annual Fund are the unrestricted gifts which allow the school’s leadership and school Board to allocate the funds to the areas of greatest need. If you feel inclined to make a directed gift over and above your normal Annual Fund gift toward tuition assistance fund for the affected families, our Advancement Director Tim Scalzitti will gladly assist you with directing your gift to our tuition assistance fund.

We have already kicked off this year’s Annual Fund with the members of the school’s Board and the Annual Fund Chairs & Grade Level Coordinators (read why they support the Annual Fund here), and we are happy to report that both of those leadership groups have already reached 100% percent participation. The faculty and staff are also in the process of making their contributions now and nearing their goal of 100% participation. The high participation from all of these groups is a strong vote of confidence in the mission of St. Cecilia Catholic School.

We are grateful for all the ways you support St. Cecilia Catholic School – with your gifts of time, talent, and treasure. We hope you will prayerfully consider continuing your support, by contributing to this year’s Annual Fund – which has a lasting impact on every student, every day. Please help us continue to make this the school that our children deserve.