Tuition & Fees

St. Cecilia Catholic School Tuition for the 2017-18 School Year

Parishioner Tuition Rate**2017/2018MonthlySemester*Yearly*
1 Child$8,270$827$4,032$7,857
2 Children$15,710$1,571$7,659$14,925
3 Children$22,740$2,274$11,086$21,603
4 Children$29,360$2,936$14,313$27,892
5 Children$35,560$3,556$17,336$33,782
Non Parishioner Tuition/Child$10,560$1,056$5,148$10,032

* Yearly payments reflect a 5% discount if paid by check or cash
* Semester payments reflect a 2.5% discount if paid by check or cash

** As approved by the Pastor annually


One Time Application Fee$175/Family (New Families Only)
Testing Fee (EPK-8th)$75/Child (New Children Only)
Facility Fee$250/Family (New Families Only)

Note:  Additional Fees are collected for participation in each sports team and the 8th grade play, as well as an 8th grade activity fee.


1 Child Full Time$195/Month Registered
2 Children Full Time$330/Month Registered
3 Children Full Time$440/Month Registered
4 Children Full Time$550/Month Registered
5 Children Full Time$650/Month Registered
Part Time/Child$13/Day Registered